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Ellus Contracting proudly uses a spray foam insulation recycled from plastic PET, rendering the product to be more energy efficient than the competition.

Our mission is to provide an eco-friendly solution to your insulation needs while reducing our ecological footprint in the construction industry.

Closed-cell insulation provides spray foam up to 8" thick within 24 hours to fully protect your home from any moisture or mold buildup.

Heatlok Soya HFO is the insulation solution we use which produces an air tight protection from heat, water and vapour. Ellus Contracting uses only the highest quality of spray foam. The product we use is the only spray foam with a specific Environmental product declaration.

What is Heatlok Soya HFO?

A new hydrofluroolefin blowing agents that is the most environmentally friendly product to date, as it is recycled from plastic PET. 

It has a global warming potential of 1, along with a zero ozone depletion potential, making Heatlok Soya HRO have the lowest GWP impacts compared to every other insulation product.  

It can be used for roofs, under concrete slabs and in walls to help provide a healthier air environment while also reducing your heating and cooling costs.  

You can save between 30-50% on your monthly energy bills since our product is suitable for walls, under concrete slabs and roofs while preserving any other pollutions from entering your space.  

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